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AreaScanIR™ Premium

For anyone needing multiple roofs and/or steam systems flown – such as business parks, complexes, downtown areas , or large numbers of roofs in a given area flown – such as multiple single roofs in a given area. This is new imagery, not archived imagery.

AreaScanIR Premium is imagery that you can order from us of an area we have not yet flown. Anyone can order imagery of single buildings through our RoofMoistureFindIR™ Service, but this service is for those who want multiple buildings or steam systems flown in a general area.

Our AreaScanIR Premium product enables you to scan steam systems or all the roofs at once so that budgets can be prepared and repairs prioritized. This is usually handled on a phased approach, so less money needs to be spent on individual roofs that do not have problems, or have only a few or minor problems.

Here's how it works...

Phase 1 - Phase 1 – Aerial IR Thermal Imaging is performed on the group of roofs:

  • You send us a list of all flat and low-sloped roofs of interest.
  • We send back a PowerPoint with Google Earth™ images of each the roofs to be included.
  • After the locations are verified correct, we fly each roof at high resolution in one mobilization.
  • We produce a report, showing all the roofs and pointing out the ones with subsurface moisture.
  • We then review the imagery with you
  • You decide if you want full analysis carried out on any or all the roofs.

Phase 2 - Aerial Photograph Imaging (optional)

  • After reviewing the IR imagery you decide if you want full processing.
  • We then fly high resolution aerial photographs of just the selected roofs.
  • After flying the photo mission we put together the aerial infrared and aerial photos and produce CAD Analysis of the roof moisture.

Note: We have minimum contract amounts, so for more information call 800-248-SCAN!

Please review the cities/areas that we have imagery archived already and then contact us if you are interested in utilizing this valuable tool.

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